Conference Series KCID

Similarly to the previous work of the institutional predecessor of our research center, the research unit Key Concepts in Interreligious Discourses (KCID), BaFID organizes conferences with internationally renowned scholars three times a year. Each conference consists of two parts that focus on two essential, related concepts in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Selected reports and recordings of these conferences are published online.


These KCID conferences are scheduled for 2021, 2022 and 2023:

February 16-18, 2022: The Concept of Protology/Cosmology and the Concept of Eschatology in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


  • Protology/Cosmology:
    Prof. em. Dr. Philip Alexander, University of Manchester/UK, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Dirk Ansorge, St. Georgen, Frankfurt/Main, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Mira Sievers, HU Berlin, on Islam
  • Eschatology:
    Prof. Casey D. Elledge, Gustavus Adolphus College/USA, on Judaism
    Prof. Judith Wolfe, University of St. Andrews/UK, on Christianity
    Prof. em. Dr. Todd Lawson, University of Toronto/CA, on Islam


June 22-24, 2022: The Concept of Emotion and the Concept of Morality in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


  • Emotion:
    Prof. Dr. Jonathan Garb, Hebrew University Jerusalem/IL, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. John Corrigan, Florida State University/USA, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Paul Heck, Georgetown University/USA, on Islam
  • Morality:
    Dr. Patrick B. Koch, University of Hamburg, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Marianne Heimbach-Steins, University of Munster, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Mutaz Al-Khatib, Hamad Bin Khalifa University/QA, on Islam


September 21-23, 2022: The Concept of Mysticism and the Concept of Divine-Human Communication in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


  • Mysticism:
    Prof. em. Moshe Idel
    , Hebrew University Jerusalem/IL, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Ann Astell, University of Notre Dame/USA, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Erdal Toprakyaran, University of Tübingen, on Islam
  • Divine-Human Communication:
    Prof. Dr. Aaron Hughes, Indiana University Bloomington/USA, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Jennifer Eyl, Tufts University/USA, on Christianity
    Dr. Ghassan El Masri, BaFID/FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, on Islam


February 15-17, 2023: The Concept of Religion and the Concept of Rationality in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


  • Religion:
    Prof. Dr. Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky/USA, on Judaism
    Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gregor-Maria Hoff, University of Salzburg, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Moncef Ben Abdeljelil, University of Sousse/TUN, on Islam
  • Rationality:
    Prof. Dr. Yitzhak Melamed, Johns Hopkins University/USA, on Judaism
    Dr. Dr. Martin Breul, University of Erfurt, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rudolph, University of Zurich, on Islam


June 21-23, 2023: The Concept of Authority and the Concept of Modernity  in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


  • Authority:
    Prof. Dr. Lawrence Kaplan, McGill University/CA, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Christoph Seibert, University of Hamburg, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Vincent Cornell, Emory University/USA, on Islam
  • Modernity:
    Prof. Dr. Allan Arkush, Binghamton University/USA, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Vasilios N. Makrides, University of Erfurt, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Armina Omerika, University of Frankfurt/Main, on Islam


October 11-13, 2023: The Concept of Suffering and the Concept of Happiness in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


  • Suffering:
    Prof. Dr. Robert Gibbs, University of Toronto/CA, on Judaism
    Prof. Dr. Christopher Southgate, University of Exeter/UK, on Christianity
    Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ghaly, Hamad bin Khalifa University/QAT, on Islam
  • Happiness:
    Prof. em. Dr. Kenneth Seeskin, Northwestern University/USA, on Judaism
    Prof. em. Dr. Paul J. Wadell, St. Norbert College/USA, on Christianity
    Dr. Raid al-Daghistani, University of Munster, on Islam
Nach den Vorträgen tauschen sich die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer über die Inhalte aus.

Discussions are part of the Conference Series KCID. Photo: KCID


The last conferences were held from October 6th to 7th, 2021 on “The Concept of Education and the Concept of Family in Judaism, Christianity and Islam” (Program), from June 23th to 24th, 2021 on “The Concept of Sin and the Concept of Redemption in Judaism, Christianity and Islam“ (Program) and from February 17th to 18th, 2021 on “The Concept of Will and the Concept of Predestination in Judaism, Christianity and Islam” (Program).