Team members

Christian Lange (on scientific leave) and Catharina Rachik (on paternal leave) as scholars specializing in Christian Theology and Islamic Studies are the BaFID team.


PD Dr. Christian Lange

Christian Lange ist Experte für das Christentum.
PD Dr. Christian Lange focuses on Christianity. Photo: BaFID


Christian Lange studied Catholic Theology, Latin studies, Ancient History and the Languages and Cultures of the Christian Orient in Bamberg, Tübingen, Oxford and Salzburg. In 2001 he received his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford with a thesis on “The Portrayal of Christ in the Syriac Commentary on the Diatessaron.” In 2011 the Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Salzburg awarded him the Venia Legendi for the scientific subject Church History and Patrology with the thesis “Mia Energeia. Studies on the Unification Policy of Emperor Heraclius and Patriarch Sergius of Constantinople.” At the Bavarian Research Center Christian Lange focuses on Syriac patristic theology and education.