With a newly founded journal, BaFID has its own medium for current contributions to research on interreligious discourses. The interdisciplinary journal, under the editorship of PD Dr. Elke Morlok, is initially published once a year by Ergon Verlag in printed and digital formats. The quality of the contributions is ensured via a peer-review-process. This journal is primarily meant for readers from German-speaking countries. In addition to academic articles, it includes literature synopses, book reviews, conference reports and the presentation of current research projects (dissertations, habilitations, etc.). The cover you will find here.


Reichlich Lesestoff wird EZID, unsere neue Fachzeitschrift "Erlanger Zeitschrift für Interreligiöse Diskurse", bieten.

This autumn our new journal will be published for the first time. Photo: pixabay